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Aji Amarillo - Peruvian Yellow Chile Pepper - South American Food
"Aji" means chile pepper in Spanish, and "amarillo" means yellow. But although they are named yellow chile peppers, their color changes to orange as they ...
Definition of the Food Term Aji Panca - South American Food
Aji Panca is a type of chile pepper that is commonly grown in Peru, and frequently used in Pervian cuisine. It is dark red, mild pepper with a smokey, fruity taste.
Ají Amarillo Sauce (Crema de Ají) Recipe - South American Food
A creamy sauce with a spicy kick made from aji amarillo chile peppers and queso fresco cheese.
Peruvian Spicy Creamed Chicken Recipe (Aji de Gallina)
Aji de gallina is a classic Peruvian dish, made with aji peppers, chicken, and a cream sauce.
Spicy Colombian-style Aji Pepper Sauce Recipe
Aji is a flavorful hot pepper sauce that is an essential condiment to Colombian food.
Yellow Potato Gnocchi with Creamy Aji Amarillo Sauce
This Latin Italian fusion dish features golden yellow potato gnocchi in a cream aji amarillo pepper sauce.
Peruvian Huacatay Salsa (Aji de Huacatay) Recipe
One of the sauces is typically bright yellow and spicy, made with the fruity aji amarillo chile pepper. Often there is a mysterious green salsa as well, with a unique ...
Grow Your Own Peruvian Yellow Peppers - South American Food
Dec 8, 2008 ... Aji amarillo are yellow-orange hot peppers used extensively in Peruvian cooking. My sister, who is a farmer, emailed to ask me if she could ...
Aji Amarillo Avocado Tostada - Gourmet Food - About.com
This ceviche-style recipe with hot peppers and fresh halibut was created by Chefs Mary Sue Milliken and Susan Feniger (Border Grill Restaurant and Food ...
Baby Potatoes with Creamy Aji Amarillo Dipping Sauce
This is a simple yet delicious appetizer of boiled baby potatoes and creamy aji amarillo sauce (crema de ají). You can make the sauce as spicy as you choose by ...
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