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Panettone - A Latin American Christmas Tradition - Recipes for ...
Panettone is a yeasted fruitcake that is enjoyed throughout Latin American during the Christmas holiday. Learn more about this tradition and try recipes for this ...
Panettone - Holiday Fruitcake - Panettone Recipe
Panettone (panetón in Spanish) is a sweet yeasted bread originally from Italy that has become one of the most important holiday traditions in South America.
Panettone Trifle with Rum Custard - South American Food - About.com
A great way to use leftover panettone - transform it into a delicious trifle with rum flavored pudding, whipped cream, and fruit.
Il Panettone Milanese - Italian Food - About.com
Milano's classic Christmas Cake!: christmas desserts purpose flour panettone italianfood panet.
Panettone and Pandoro: Stuffing the Cake - Italian Food - About.com
Because of this, pastry shops most everywhere in Italy make panettone in addition to their local specialties, and those who want something with a more ...
Panettone Alla Milanese Recipe - Milanese Panettone ... - Italian Food
Panettone is an extraordinarily rich Milanese Christmas cake that also keeps quite well: Traditionally, the Milanese set aside a slice to enjoy on San Biagio, ...
Stuffed Panettone Recipe - Panettone Ripieno - Christmas Dessert ...
Panettone, the traditional Christmas cake made in Milano, is now popular throughout the Peninsula, and though they can be quite good out of the box they can ...
Panettone in the Bread Machine - Easy Panettone Fruitcake
The Italian-style fruitcake known as panettone is an important part of the Christmas celebration in many parts of Latin America. Panettones are often given as ...
Quick and Easy Panettone Christmas Cake Recipe
A relatively quick method for making panettone, the yeasted holiday fruitcake.
Panettone Cake Truffles - South American Food - About.com
Cake truffles are pretty bite-size treats made by mixing crumbled panettone fruitcake with frosting, and dipping them in icing and chocolate.
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