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South American Drinks

South America produces excellent coffee, chocolate, and grapes, so it's no wonder there's such a variety of South American drinks to enjoy. Try these recipes for coffee, hot chocolate, unique tropical cocktails, teas, and other beverages.

Pisco - All About Pisco - Peruvian & Chilean Pisco Brandy
Information about Pisco, a popular brandy produced in Peru and Chile, most often enjoyed in the classic pisco sour cocktail.

Classic Pisco Sour Cocktail - Pisco Sour Clsico
The classic preparation for the famous pisco sour cocktail.

Frozen Pisco Sour Cocktail
The Pisco Sour is the Peruvian adaptation of a whiskey sour. It's made from tart South American key limes and the grape distilled brandy called Pisco. This version is made in the blender, rather than shaken over ice.

Mango Sour - Recipe for Mango Pisco Sour
This refreshing tropical version of a pisco sour does not taste as strong as it actually is, so be forewarned!

Maracuya Sour Cocktail - Passion Fruit Pisco Sour
The maracuya sour is a delicious variation of the famous pisco sour cocktail. It's made with passion fruit juice instead of lime juice.

Aguaymanto Sour - Pisco Sour with Groundcherries
A delicious variation of the classic South American Pisco Sour cocktail. Tomatillo (groundcherry) juice replaces the usual lime juice and mixes well with the Pisco, a famous brandy made from grapes grown in Chile and Peru.

Chilcano de Pisco - Peruvian Brandy Cocktail
A chilcano de pisco is a refreshing mixed drink made with ginger ale, pisco (a type of brandy from Peru and Chile), and lime juice.

Limonada Frozen - Frozen Limeade
A popular frozen drink made with the small acidic key limes found all over South America. More tart than lemonade, cold and refreshing, this drink is perfect for cooling off on a hot summer day.

La Tizana - Tropical Venezuelan Fruit Drink
La tizana is a refreshing Venezuelan drink with tropical fruit, citrus, and grenadine.

Frozen Coconut Smoothie - Cocada Venezolana
This popular Venezuelan smoothie coconut is made with fresh coconut.

Peach Smoothie - Batido de Duraznos
A thick, creamy milkshake made with fresh summer peaches.

Caipirinha Cocktail
This cocktail is made with a deliciously sweet Brazilian sugarcane rum called cachaça.

Caipirini Cocktail
The Brazilian version of a martini.

Canelazo - Spiced Cinnamon Rum Drink
Canelazo is a spiced fruit drink that is spiked with aguardiente or rum, and served hot. It's a favorite in Ecuador, and is especially enjoyed around Christmas.

Cola de Mono - Monkey's Tail
This spiced alcoholic coffee drink is traditionally served with pan de pascua at Christmastime in Chile.

Chicha Morada - Purple Corn Punch
This is a sweet, refreshing dark purple drink made by boiling purple corn and pineapple. It has a spicy flavor from the cloves and apples. Quince and cinnamon are common ingredients.

Yerba Mate Tea
Yerba mate is a plant in the holly family, and its dried leaves are used to make a popular tea drink in Argentina, Uruguay and other South American countries.

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