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Chorizo Sausage

Chorizo in South American Cuisine


Chorizo Sausage

Chorizo on the grill...

Marian Blazes

Chorizo is a spicy Mexican pork sausage, seasoned with paprika, that is quite popular all over South America. You can buy Spanish-style chorizo sausage as well, which is usually already cured (like salami). Mexican-style chorizo is typically prepared with freshly ground pork and must be cooked before serving. Chorizo is often the first course off the grill when a series of different meats are served (Read more about parilladas mixtas here). Sliced, grilled chorizo served with spicy mustard or garlicky chimichurri sauce makes a wonderful appetizer.

You can cook chorizo on the stove as well. Place the sausages in a skillet and add water until they are halfway covered. Cook them until the water has evaporated, then finish by letting the sausages brown in the skillet. Chorizo is delicious in soups and stews such as feijoada and locro.

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