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Brazilian-style Pizza

Eating Pizza in Brazil


Brazilian-style Pizza

Assorted Brazilian-style Pizza

Marian Blazes

My son learned somewhere that pizza is the one word that never needs translation - it's recognized all over the world. Although you can find pizza almost anywhere you travel, it probably won't taste like Dominos. The crust, sauce, and toppings vary according to the local cuisine and flavors, as anything served on a slice of flatbread qualifies as pizza.

Brazilians are especially creative with their pizzas. In Brazil you can eat pizza rodízio-syle (like at a churrascaria): all-you-can-eat slices with a great variety of toppings. Brazilian pizza tends to have little or no tomato sauce, or slices of tomato in place of sauce. In some parts of Brazil, ketchup(!) is used as pizza sauce.


The diverse ingredients and flavors of Brazil wind up on the pizzas. Toppings as varied as hearts of palm, catupiry cheese, fresh corn, fresh herbs, mashed potatoes, grilled sausages, potato sticks, and curried chicken with coconut milk are mixed with more traditional toppings like olives, ham, bacon, oregano, and tomatoes.

Dessert Pizza

A Brazilian pizza feast would not be complete without a delicious dessert pizza. Plantains, bananas, chocolate, dulce de leche (doce de leite in Portuguese), strawberries, cooked apples, nutella, guava paste, cream cheese, whipped cream, even ice cream are all potential toppings, served on a thin bread crust. Often the toppings are placed decoratively, arranged in pretty patterns to make a festive party dessert.

Pizza has few limits in Brazil, and why should it? It's pretty hard to go wrong.

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