1. Food
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Peruvian Food

A List of Traditional Peruvian Recipes


Peru has an amazing cuisine, one that has evolved from both local and immigrant traditions. Foods that were prepared by ancient civilizations are still enjoyed today, while typical Peruvian dishes also benefit from European, African and Asian influences. Peru's geography yields diverse ingredients: abundant seafood from the coast, tropical fruits from the jungle, and unusual varieties of grains and potatoes from the Andes.

Peruvian cuisine is recognized around the world as one of the best in South America - try it and see what everyone is raving about.

2. Salads and Sauces

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Salads made with fresh ingredients and simple vinegar, oil, and herb dressings accompany most midday meals in Peru. Salsa criolla, made with sliced onions and hot peppers, is almost like more like a salad than a sauce, and it's a great condiment for sandwiches.
Ensalada de Choclo - Corn Salad with Queso Fresco
Ensalada de Pallares (Lima Bean Salad)
Soterito Arequipeño - Mixed Vegetable Salad
Salsa Criolla
Salsa a la Huancaína
Aji Amarillo Sauce

3. Main Courses

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Some of Peru's most popular dishes are part Asian in origin, such as arroz chaufa (Peruvian fried rice) and lomo saltado, a beef and potato stir-fry.
Ceviche is a hugely popular dish in Peru, and especially in the summer at the beach. Anticuchos are another beach/BBQ favorite: marinated grilled meat kabobs (traditionally made with beef heart, but also good with chicken). Stuffed foods, or "rellenos", are common, like meat-filled potatoes (papas rellenas) and stuffed peppers (rocotos rellenos). Many wonderful Peruvian dishes are seasoned with aji amarillo (a yellow/orange chile pepper with a fruity aroma) and aji panca (another chile pepper with a sweet smoky taste).
Arroz Chaufa
Arroz con Pollo
Arroz con Camarones
Lomo Saltado
Classic Peruvian Ceviche
Chupe de Camarones
Arroz Tapado con Carne
Anticuchos de Pollo
Papa Rellena
Rocoto Relleno
Tacu Tacu - Fried Steak, Rice and Beans
Aji de Gallina
Pollo a la Brasa - Peruvian Rotisserie Chicken
Pachamanca - Underground Cooking
Jamon de Pais
Butifarra Sandwich

4. Peruvian Breads

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Peru has a great variety of traditional breads. Pan de anis is an sweet anise-flavored snack bread. Pan de papa is made with mashed potatoes, yielding tender rolls that keep well. T'antawawas are special breads made for November 1 (Día de los Muertos) celebrations.
Pan de Anis
Pan de Papa

5. Desserts

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Peru is known for its wonderful desserts. Many feature manjar blanco, the Peruvian version of dulce de leche. Exotic tropical fruits, such as lúcuma and chirimoya, also figure prominantly in Peruvian desserts.

Suspiro de Limeña
Mazamorra Morada
Arroz con Leche
Pastel de Tres Leches
Picarones - Peruvian Pumpkin Doughnuts
Turrón de Doña Pepa
Lucuma Ice Cream

6. Peruvian Beverages

Marian Blazes
The Peruvian cocktail known as the Pisco Sour is one of the world's most famous. But there are some other excellent cocktails based on the famous local brandy known as Pisco, as well as many traditional nonalcoholic beverages.
Pisco Sour
Maracuya Sour (Passionfruit Pisco Sour)
Chilcano (Another Pisco Cocktail)
Limonada Frozen
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