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Recipes for Fall

South American Food with Fall Flavors


Many countries in South America are near the equator, so they don't experience a dramatic fall season with colored foliage and brisk weather (though warm beaches in December go long way towards making up for that). But some of the most essential ingredients in South American cooking, many of which are indigenous to the region, are the very same ingredients that North Americans associate with fall. Corn, pumpkin, squash, potatoes (especially sweet potatoes) and cinnamon feature prominently in the South American kitchen, making Latin cuisine a perfect source of inspiration for fall recipes and flavors.

The first Thanksgiving included a mixture of indigenous and imported foods and culinary techniques (or so the story goes), and this collaboration between cuisines, regions, and traditions continues on today. So enjoy a sweet potato tamal at your Thanksgiving table this year, or stuff your turkey with quinoa chorizo stuffing. In a small way, you will be contributing to the blending of cultures and culinary inspiration which help to keep traditional recipes - indigenous, European, Latin American, and North American - alive.

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