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Getting Started with South American Cooking


Get to know the exotic yet practical cuisine of South America and you will surely fall in love. South American food has many common flavors across the different regions, but it's infinitely diverse and exciting.
Get started here with the basics: the special ingredients, the most popular traditional dishes, and the history and traditions that have shaped South American cooking.
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  2. Most Popular South American Dishes
  3. History and Culture


South American food is known for its use of fresh local ingredients, including seafood, exotic tropical fruits, and unusual Andean grains and tubers.

Most Popular South American Dishes

Certain classic South American dishes have achieved world-wide recognition and popularity. Foods like ceviche and empanadas may vary from country to country, but they remain quintessentially South American.

History and Culture

South American food is more than just recipes. The cuisine is tied into the culture - so much so that almost every recipe has an elaborate story to tell. This is a collection of some of the interesting anecdotes and history related to South American food.

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