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South American Recipes by Region


Although there are some common threads (ingredients, seasonings) that seem to run through most South American cuisines, almost every dish can be attributed to a certain place. South Americans love empanadas, but how they prepare them depends greatly on where they come from - just like pizza from Chicago is vastly different than pizza from New York City.
Here many of the recipes from this site organized by "place" - not a complete list by any means, but a beginning.

  1. Argentinian Food
  2. Bolivian Food
  3. Brazilian Food
  4. Chilean Food
  1. Colombian Food
  2. Peruvian Food
  3. Venezuelan Food

Argentinian Food

Argentina's cuisine is very influenced by Europe, and includes many Spanish-style dishes, Italian pastas and pizzas, and French pastries. The Argentinians add their unique style to these dishes, however, making them their own.

Bolivian Food

 Bolivian food is the food of Andes, hearty and nourishing food based on locally available staples such as corn, potatoes, and beans.  Bolivian cuisine is strongly influenced by the food traditions of the indigenous Aymara people, blended with Spanish cuisine, and the cuisines of other immigrants.

Brazilian Food

Brazil is a large country, big enough to have several distinct regional cuisines of its own. Manioc (cassava), coconut, seafood, peanuts, beans are some of the key ingredients in Brazilian cooking, which is exotic, tropical and traditional all at the same time.

Chilean Food

Chile has a distinctive cuisine, one in which both the influences of Europe and the local traditions are both very prominent. Chile is know for its fantastic seafood, grilled meats (think Patagonia), stews and pasteles, empanadas, corn, beans, potatoes, exotic tropical fruit (lucuma and chirimoya), pisco, and excellent wines.

Colombian Food

Colombia has a diverse cuisine with some very unique and famous dishes, including the wonderful potato soup ajiaco and the incredible meat orgy of a meal called bandeja paisa.

Peruvian Food

Peru is famous for its food, and has become a beloved gastronomical tourist destination. Foods that were prepared by ancient civilizations are still enjoyed today, while typical Peruvian dishes also benefit from European, African and Asian influences. Peru is blessed with a wealth of local ingredients - coastal seafood, Andean potatoes and grains, and tropical fruits from the jungle.

Venezuelan Food

Venezuelan food has a touch of the Caribbean in its many flavors, and enjoys a strong African influence as well as European influences. Arepas and plantains accompany almost every meal, and elaborate tamales wrapped in banana leaves (hallacas) are a specialty. Venezuela has a coastal cuisine that emphasizes seafood, as well as Andean and Amazonian areas with their own local specialties, so the cuisine varies greatly from region to region.

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