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Healthy Eating, South American-Style

Many Latin recipes are as healthy as they are delicious. South Americans still mostly cook from scratch, with fresh, locally grown fruits and vegetables. South America is also blessed with many native foods that have gained worldwide recognition for their nutritional qualities.

Black Bean and Quinoa Burgers - Hamburguesas Vegetarianas de Frijol y Quinoa
These hearty vegetarian burgers are made with high protein quinoa and well seasoned black beans.

Garden Produce Tamales
These vegetarian tamales have a savory filling of corn, vegetables, and cheese.

Vegetarian Ceviche Salad - Ceviche de Verduras
The flavors of ceviche in salad form, with fresh mozzarella cheese in place of seafood.

Solterito Salad - Corn and Lima Bean Salad from Arequipa, Peru
Solterito is a delicious vegetable salad that comes from the beautiful city of Arequipa, Peru.

Lima Bean Salad - Ensalada de Pallares
Enjoy this lima bean salad made with tender lima beans, onions, and tomatoes tossed in a lime juice vinaigrette.

Roasted Sweet Potato and Chayote Salad - Ensalada de Chuchu
Chayote (chuchu in Brazil) is an interesting vegetable that's delicious in salads, like this one with cubes of roasted sweet potatoes, carrots, and lima beans.

Arroz Jardinero - Gardener's Rice
This quick rice dish works both as vegetarian main course or as a side dish, and is a great way to eat your vegetables.

Mushroom Ceviche - Cebiche de Champinones
The bold flavors of ceviche are paired with fresh vegetables in this delicious salad.

Oven Roasted Salmon with Plantains and Pineapple
This quick and healthy roasted salmon bakes in one pan, alongside sweet plantains and roasted pineapple for the salsa.

Açai - Brazilian Superfruit
Acai is a staple food in the Amazonian regions of Brazil, and is thought to have certain healthful properties.

Fried Rice with Okra - Arroz Frito com Quaibo
A quick weekend dish of fried rice with crisp fresh okra.

Ensalada de Choclo - Corn Salad with Queso Fresco
A nutritious and healthy salad with simple fresh ingredients and minimal dressing.

Pasta con Salsa de Berenjena - Pasta with Eggplant and Tomatoes
Pasta with eggplant and tomato sauce is an Italian dish that is quite popular in Argentina.

Chancaca-Glazes Salmon with Pineapple Salsa
This salmon has a sweet glaze and is topped with a delicious pineapple salsa.

Quinoa Salad with Pepper Mango Salsa - Ensalda de Quinoa con Mango
This colorful salad has high protein quinoa and lots of vegetables.

Quinoa Croqettes - Torrejas de Quinua
These nutritious quinoa croquettes are delicious on their own, or as veggie burgers served on a bun.

Weeknight Skillet Chicken with Kale, Tomatoes, Amaranth & Quinoa
Sautéed chicken breasts, breaded with amaranth, are served over quinoa, kale and tomatoes in this weeknight, one-skillet meal.

Green Soup with Chiles - Recipe for Spinach and Kale Soup
A delicious vegetarian soup packed with nutrition from dark leafy greens.

Humitas Verdes - Fresh Corn Tamales with Cilantro - Recipe for Humitas Verdes
Tamales made with fresh ground corn and cilantro.

Anticuchos de Verduras - Grilled Vegetable Skewers
Grilled vegetable skewers are easy to make, taste great, and perfect for entertaining.

Parmesan Arepas with Roasted Butternut Squash - Arepas Parmesanas con Calabaza
Savory cheese arepas topped with roasted butternut squash make a great vegetarian entree.

Chilean Bean and Corn Stew
A Chilean specialty, porotos granados is a savory vegetarian stew of fresh cranberry beans, squash, and corn.

Coconut Quinoa and Wild Rice Salad with Pineapple - Ensalada de Quinoa y Arroz

Coconut Crusted Fish Filets with Mango Salsa -
A tasty and quick way to fry up some fish for dinner, this coconut crusted fish is delicious paired with the fresh mango salsa.

Grilled Fish with Plantain and Coconut Salsa in Banana Leaves
A recipe for grilled fish with plantain, wrapped in banana leaves.

Lentil Salad with Roasted Sweet Potatoes and Queso Fresco
This nourishing winter salad of lentils and roasted sweet potatoes can stand alone as a mail course.

Holiday Quinoa Salad
A refreshing and vibrant vegetarian quinoa salad.

Quinoa Veggie Burgers - Vegetarian "Hamburgers" with Quinoa and Beans
These vegetarian burgers are both healthy and tasty.

Quinoa Stuffed Acorn Squash - Calabaza Bellota con Quinoa
This colorful baked squash is stuffed with quinoa and fresh corn.

Arepa Sandwich with Roasted Sweet Potatoes, Black Beans and Spinach
This vegetarian arepa sandwich has plenty of flavor - enough to satisfy even the meat lovers.

Green Goddess Arepa - Arepa con Palta y Choclo
A cheese arepa stuffed with avocado, corn, and edamame in a creamy cilantro dressing.

Whole Wheat Empanada Dough - Masa Integral Para Empanadas
A whole wheat option for empanadas, this dough is rich, buttery, and whole grain.

Fresh Summer Vegetable Empanadas - Empanadas de Veduras Frescas
These filling for these fresh vegetable empanadas does not need to be cooked ahead of time, so they are quick to prepare.

Eat Your Vegetables Empanadas - Empanadas de Verdura
Perfect for vegetarians or those who just love vegetables, these empanadas are chock full of vibrant produce.

Lentil and Potato Casserole - Torta de Batata com Lentilha
Savory lentils and mashed potatoes come together in this hearty vegetarian shepherds pie.

Photo Gallery of Quinoa Recipes
Try these recipes featuring quinoa, the high-protein grain from the Andes.

Quinoa Arepas - Arepas de Quinoa
Quinoa gives this arepas a nutty flavor and extra protein.

Vegetarian Quinoa Sushi with Sweet Potatoes and Caramelized Onions
This vegetable sushi made with quinoa is healthy and delicious.

Roasted Vegetable Sandwich Wrap with Quinoa Flatbread
This vegetarian sandwich is filled with roasted vegetables, a spicy aji chile pepper sauce, all wrapped up in a quinoa flatbread.

Quinoa and Brown Rice Sushi with Japanese-style Spinach Salad and Avocado
This fusion sushi roll is made with both brown rice and the Andean grain quinoa. It's filled with Japanese-style spinach salad, carrots, and avocado.

Vegetarian Quinoa Paella - Paella de Quinoa
A delicious quinoa paella with vegetables.

Vegetable Pastel de Choclo - Pastel de Choclo Vegetariano
Pastel de choclo is a traditional Chilean casserole which has a meat filling topped with a layer of creamed corn. This vegetarian version substitutes a flavorful vegetable ragout for the beef layer.

Honey Quinoa Bread - Pan de Quinoa y Miel
This is a moist, high protein, wholesome bread. It has nutty texture that comes from the cooked grains of quinoa. It keeps very well, and is excellent toasted.

Homemade High Protein Quinoa Bagels
Bagels made with the high protein Andean grain quinoa.

Quinoa Potato Bread with Chia Seeds - Pan de Papa con Quinoa y Semillas de Chia
A soft and nutritious bread prepared with several ingredients that are native to Latin America.

Quinoa Apple Muffins - Muffins de Quinoa y Manzana
A nutritious and flavorful muffin made with high protein quinoa flour.

Quinoa Oatmeal Granola Bars
Quinoa is a high-protein Andean grain that adds a lot of nutrition to these delicious granola bars.

Low Fat Quinoa Oatmeal Cookies with Raisins and Pineapple
Quinoa flakes add extra nutrition to these low fat oatmeal cookies with golden raisins and dried pineapple.

Popped Quinoa and Amaranth (Kiwicha) - How to Pop Andean Cereals
Quinoa and amaranth grains are easy and fun to "pop" like popcorn, and make a nutritious snack.

Quinoa Amaranth Fruit and Nut Bars
"Popped" quinoa and amaranth add crunch and extra protein to these tasty fruit and nut bars.

Multigrain Muffins with Quinoa, Amaranth, and Bran
These tasty bran muffins get a nutritious boost from high protein grains quinoa and amaranth.

Breakfast Quinoa with Oatmeal
A nutritious hot breakfast of oatmeal and quinoa will keep you going all day.

Whole Wheat Amaranth Bread - Pan de Kiwicha
This healthy whole grain bread is made with the Andean grain amaranth.

Tacu Tacu Veggie Burgers - Vegetarian Burgers with Black Beans and Rice
Spicy and delicious black beans and rice veggie burgers - a great vegetarian meal.

Argentinian-style Vegetable Pizza - Fugazzeta de Verdura
This is a double crust pizza, stuffed with vegetables and cheese and topped with onions, Argentinian-style.

Quinoa Corn Muffins
Corn muffins get an extra boost of nutrition from the high protein grain quinoa.

Spaghetti with Quinoa "Meatballs"
Quinoa croquettes seasoned with pesto and oregano take the place of meatballs in this Italian-style spaghetti dish.

Torrejas de Quinoa - Quinoa Pancakes
These quick quinoa pancakes are nutritious, tasty, and a great way to introduce quinoa to kids.

Quinoa Sausage Casserole Pastel de Quinoa
This nutritious and tasty casserole is made with the Andean grain quinoa, chorizo sausage, and spinach. Leave out the chorizo for a filling vegetarian main dish.

Toasted Cheese Sandwich Spread - Recipe for Queso Fresco Sandwich Spre
This delicious cheese spread makes a satisfying warm lunch when spread on a thick slice of whole grain bread and toasted.

Quinoa Chicken Tenders
Chicken tenders coated in crunchy nutritious grains of quinoa make for healthier chicken fingers.

Breakfast Quinoa with Raisins and Coconut
High protein quinoa makes an excellent hot breakfast cereal.

Tropical Breakfast Muffins
Chock full of nutritious tropical fruits and nuts, while low in fat and high in fiber, these muffins will keep you going all morning long.

Galletas de Quinoa - Quinoa Oatmeal Power Cookies
These cookies taste great and are quite nutritious, thanks to high protein quinoa.

Polenta Cakes with Okra and Tomatoes - Angu com Quiabo e Tomates
A Brazilian-style vegetarian dish of crispy polenta topped with sautéed tomatoes, green onions, and fried okra.

Pizza with Eggplant and Tomatoes
A delicious vegetarian pizza with eggplant and tomato sauce, bell peppers, and feta cheese.

Pizza with Roasted Vegetables and Lima Bean Hummus
A vegetarian flatbread topped with fresh lima bean hummus and roasted vegetables.

Spicy Yellow Squash Soup - Sopa de Zapallo
This beautiful yellow soup has a little kick from aji amarillo chile pepper. Easy to make and delicious.

Arepas with Portobello Mushrooms - Grilled Portobello Mushroom Sandwich
A satisfying vegetarian sandwich arepa stuffed with a grilled portobello mushroom and vegetables.

Coconut Lime Grilled Chicked Salad - Ensalada de Pollo con Coco
A tropical grilled chicken salad with pineapple and coconut.

Healthy Foods for Back to School
This collection of recipes includes some quick and easy ideas for busy parents, as well as some make ahead recipes to prepare on the weekend and enjoy throughout the week.

Roasted Vegetable Sesame Quinoa Bowl
A nutritious bowl of sesame quinoa and roasted vegetables.

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