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Holiday Alfajor Cookies


Holiday Alfajor Cookies

Holiday Alfajor Cookies

Marian Blazes
Alfajores are unusual and delicious sandwich cookies, made of two shortbread-like cookies and a caramel dulce de leche filling. Alfajores make perfect gifts - they are easy to decorate, and keep well enough to send in the mail. Make them extra special with homemade dulce de leche.

Prep Time: 2 hours

Total Time: 2 hours



  1. Prepare the cookies, following one of these recipes: traditional, almond shortbread, or maple shortbread alfajores).

  2. Prepare the dulce de leche (or use purchased dulce de leche).

  3. Prepare the royal icing. (recipe here).

  4. Separate half of the cookies, and place them on a flat surface.

  5. Divide the icing into 3 bowls. Tint one bowl of icing red, one green, and leave the last bowl of icing white.

  6. Fill a piping bag with red icing, another with green, and one with white icing.

  7. Decorate the tops of the separated cookies as desired (leave other half of the cookies undecorated). Let icing harden enough to handle the cookies.

  8. Place a teaspoon or so of dulce de leche on the bottom of one of the undecorated cookies (if the dulce de leche is too stiff to spread, soften it by placing it in the microwave it for a few seconds). Press a decorated cookie on top, making a sandwich. Repeat with remaining cookies.

  9. Store cookies in an airtight container.

Makes about 24 2-inch alfajores.

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