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Holiday Cookies from South America

Galletas de Navidad


In many parts of the world, Christmas and New Years are traditional times for giving food to family and friends. In South America, panettone (Italian-style fruitcake) is the most popular food gift, but holiday cookies are often served at parties.

Bring something different to the holiday cookie exchange this year. Alfajores (caramel sandwich cookies) are always a hit, as are the Brazilian chocolate truffles called brigadeiros, which are easy and fun for kids to make.

1. Holiday Alfajores

Marian Blazes

The alfajor is a classic Latin American cookie - made of two delicate sugar cookies with a dulce de leche filling. It's fun to decorate alfajores for Christmas with sprinkles and/or icing, and they keep well enough (in a tin) to be sent in the mail.

2. Cocadas - Coconut Macaroons with Dulce de Leche & Chocolate

Marian Blazes
Cocadas are the South American version of a coconut macaroon. These fancy cocadas are dressed up with dark chocolate for the holidays.

3. Argentinian "Havanna" Alfajores

Marian Blazes
Visitors to Argentina love to bring these rich chocolate dipped alfajor cookes from the famous Havanna store home as gifts. Not on your way to Argentina? No worries, you can easily make them yourself, or make their sister cookie, the classic Havannet.

4. Guava Shortbread Cookies - Biscoito de Goiabada

Marian Blazes
These delicate shortbread cookies are made with cornstarch and filled with sweet guava paste.

5. Passionfruit Lime Cookie Bars

Marian Blazes
These cookie bars burst with citrus and passion fruit flavor.

6. Molasses Spice Alfajores

Marian Blazes
A variation of the classic alfajor cookie with the holiday flavors of cinnamon, ginger, molasses, and allspice.

7. Brigadeiros - Brazilian Chocolate Fudge Truffles

Marian Blazes
Kids will enjoy helping to make this easy recipe. It's traditional to serve brigadeiros in little paper cups.

8. Panettone Cake Truffles

Marian Blazes
Panettone cake truffles are an excellent and delicious way to reinvent your excess panettone cake into pretty bite-size truffles, perfect for giving.

9. Glazed Lime Polenta Shortbread Cookies

Marian Blazes

Delicate and buttery, these simple but elegant cookies are great for gifting. 

10. Gingerbread Llamas

Marian Blazes
Llama cookie cutters are available online, or trace a cardboard llama as you cut out the cookies.
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