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Humitas Step by Step- Steamed Corn Tamales


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About Humitas..
Humitas Step by Step- Steamed Corn Tamales


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Steamed corn husks filled with ground corn are a traditional food, eaten by the native inhabitants of South America before the arrival of the Europeans. But they have persisted in many forms throughout South America, as humitas (Andean region), tamales (central America and Mexico, pamonhas (Brazil), and hallacas (Venezuela) to name a few. There are many variations of humitas - sweet ones with raisins (humitas dulces), and savory ones with onions and cheese (humitas saladas). This recipe is for simple humitas, made with just four ingredients: corn, milk, salt, and lard. Simple and delicious, they are fun to make. They look like little presents, and make the perfect portable lunch.
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