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Oxo Good Grips Corn Stripper

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Oxo Good Grips Corn Stripper
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The Bottom Line

This little tool is a great asset if you like to use fresh corn on the cob in your recipes. I found it easier to use than a knife, and safer as well. Expert chefs and those with excellent knife skills will probably find it unnecessary, but it does a great job of removing all of the kernels quickly with little trouble or mess.
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  • Quickly removes corn kernels from fresh corn.
  • Gathers kernels and pulp neatly into storage well, which can be emptied into a bowl.
  • Safer than a knife.


  • Container only holds the kernels from one ear of corn - you have to empty it frequently.


  • Inexpensive small kitchen tool for quickly removing corn kernels from the cob.
  • Helps strip the kernels off the cob safely and quickly.
  • Kernels and pulp stay in the container until you empty them into a bowl, reducing mess.

Guide Review - Oxo Good Grips Corn Stripper

When corn on the cob is in season, it's delicious sprinkled raw on salads, added to a burrito, or used in fresh cornbread. The kernels are sweet and crunchy straight from the cob, and a thousand times better than frozen corn.

A corn stripper is a small tool with a blade that is designed to help you strip the kernels and all of the pulp off the cob. Some brands, like the Oxo Good Grips that I tried, also have a built-in container to catch the kernels, which makes the job less messy.

Corn strippers are made so that the sharp parts stay away from your hand, so it's easy for kids to use as well.

The biggest advantages of this gadget are that it speeds up the work, is easy to use safely, and makes cleanup much easier. It will take up a little space in your drawer, but if you enjoy fresh corn off the cob frequently, it will be worth the space and small cost.

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