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Delicious and Versatile Chimicurri Sauce
A garlic and parsley sauce that always accompanies grilled steak in Argentine, chimichurri is also perfect as a marinade for beef or chicken.
Classic Pisco Sour Cocktail - Pisco Sour...
The classic preparation for the famous pisco sour cocktail.
Pupusas - Stuffed Corn Tortillas - How to Make...
Pupusas are thick corn tortillas that are stuffed with cheese, beans and/or pork and cooked on a griddle.
Roti Flatbread
Roti is a grilled flatbread, and there are many variations of roti in the cuisines of Suriame, Guyana, and French Guiana.
Ceviche 101 - Marinated Seafood Salad
An explanation of ceviche, its ingredients, and preparation. Try some recipes for traditional ceviche as well as trendy variations of this popular dish.
Argentinian Food
A list of traditional recipes from Argentina.
Basic Arepas - Venezuelan and Colombian Corn...
Arepas are corn cakes made from pre-cooked corn flour, water, and salt and cooked on a griddle. They're hugely popular in Venezuela and Colombia and make a great addition to breakfast, lunch, or dinner.
A Brazilian Menu - Recipes For Traditional...
A collection of Brazilian recipes, from appetizer to dessert, to help you plan an authentic Brazilian meal.
Peruvian Food
A list of classic Peruvian recipes, including appetizers, drinks, main courses and desserts.
Venezuelan Food
A list of traditional and modern recipes from Venezuela.
Colombian Food
A list of traditional and modern recipes from Colombia.
Chilean Food
A list of classic Chilean recipes, including appetizers, drinks, main courses and desserts.
Crockpot Carnitas - Slow Cooker Pulled Pork
Carnitas are delicious pieces of pulled pork, perfect for tamales and arepas.
Chicken Breasts in Creamy Coconut Sauce
Sautéed chicken breasts in a creamy sauce made with coconut milk.
Spicy Cheese Sauce - Salsa a la Huancaína
This sauce originates from the Andean region of Peru called Huancayo. It's made with queso fresco or farmer's cheese, onions, and yellow aji chile peppers.
Chicken Empanadas - Empanadas de Pollo
Chicken empanadas are easy and fun to make, and they are excellent for lunch boxes or for a snack on the go.
Empanada Dough Recipe - Masa para Empanadas
This slightly sweet empanada dough produces tender, golden empanadas.
Coxinha - Brazilian Chicken Croquettes
Coxinhas are delicious fried chicken croquettes - a popular street food in Brazil.
Arroz Chaufa - Chinese Peruvian Fried Rice
Arroz chaufa is the perfect quick supper dish, and a great way to reinvent leftover rice. Make it with leftover roast chicken, roast pork, or just whatever vegetables you have on hand.
Crispy Yuca Fries
Deep frying yuca is one of the best ways to enjoy the starchy, crispy texture of this edible root.
Chocolate Fudge Truffles - Brigadeiros
These little Brazilian chocolate candies, called brigadeiros, look like truffles, but are much simpler to make. Serve them in little paper cups for an elegant treat.
Papa a la Huancaína - Potatoes in Spicy...
Papa a la Huancaina is a traditional dish from the Peruvian town of Huancayo, and is enjoyed all over Peru. Boiled potatoes are sliced and drenched in a delicious cheese sauce made with yellow chile peppers, and garnished with slices of hard boiled egg and black olives.
Best Dulce de Leche Desserts
A list of the best dessert recipes with dulce de leche, a caramel sauce popular in Latin America.
Chilean Empanadas - Empanadas de Pino
These traditional Chilean empanadas have a delicious ground beef and onion filling.
Venezuelan-style Arepas
Thick Venezuelan-style arepas (corncakes) are delicious, and make great sandwiches.
Pisco - All About Pisco - Peruvian & Chilean...
Information about Pisco, a popular brandy produced in Peru and Chile, most often enjoyed in the classic pisco sour cocktail.
Torta Espanola - Potato and Onion Frittata
A layered tart of potatoes, onions, and eggs cooked in a skillet - a perfect one dish meal.
Dulce de Leche Pionono
Dulce de leche pionono is a delicious jelly roll cake filled with dulce de leche and whipped cream.
Aloo Curry - Curried Potatoes
Aloo curry are easy to make curried potatoes with great flavor.
Sweet Apple Cinnamon Empanadas
Empanadas don't always have to be savory. These dessert empanadas with a cinnamon apple filling and dulce de leche are a wonderful treat.
Pao de Queijo - Brazilian Cheese Bread
These delicious cheese rolls from Brazil (pão de queijo) are made with cassava (tapioca) flour, which gives them their distinctive taste and texture. They're also gluten free.
Rich and Hearty Brazilian Feijoada
The savory black bean and meat stew known as feijoada is the national dish of Brazil, traditionally enjoyed for lunch on Saturday.
Ají Amarillo Sauce - Crema de Ají
A creamy sauce with a spicy kick made from aji amarillo chile peppers and queso fresco cheese.
Breaded Fried Steak - Milanesa
Milanesas crispy fried pieces of thin-sliced meat, usually steak.
Empanadas Fritas de Queso - Chilean-style Fried...
These are quick and easy empanadas with a simple melted cheese filling, but they are irresistible.
Beef Empanadas - Empanadas Tucumanas
Empanadas are meat filled pastries, and Argentina is famous for them. They are many kind of empanadas, but this recipe for beef filled empanadas is from a region in Argentina called Tucumán.
Semana Santa and Easter
A collection of recipes for celebrating Semana Santa (Holy Week) and Easter - ¡Felices Pascuas!
Chifles - Fried Plantain Chips
Chifles are a popular snack in South America. They are made by frying thin slices of the starchy yellow fruit called plantain, a firmer, less sweet cousin of the banana.
Ecuadorian Food
A list of tradition Ecuadorian recipes, including appetizers, main courses and desserts.
Masarepa - - Precooked Corn Flour for Making...
Explanation of the special precooked corn flour that is used to make corn cakes called arepas, staple treats in Venezuela and Colombia.
Quick and Easy Recipe for Panettone
A relatively quick method for making panettone, the yeasted holiday fruitcake.
Peruvian Spicy Creamed Chicken - Aji de Gallina
Aji de gallina is a classic Peruvian dish, made with aji peppers, chicken, and a cream sauce.
Tallarines Verdes - Green Noodles with Spinach...
South American noodles with a fresh spinach and basil sauce.
Honey Quinoa Bread - Pan de Quinoa y Miel
Honey quinoa bread is a moist, satisfying, high-protein bread. It has nutty texture that comes from the cooked grains of quinoa. It keeps very well, and is excellent toasted.
Mango Mousse Cake
This beautiful cake has layers of delicate sponge cake filled with sweet tart mango mousse.
Coconut Crusted Fish Fillets with Mango Salsa
A tasty and quick way to fry up some fish for dinner, this coconut crusted fish is delicious paired with the fresh mango salsa.
Causa Rellena con Pollo - Yellow Potatoes with...
Causa is made with papas amarillas, yellow potatoes that resemble yukon golds. The potatoes are mashed and seasoned with lime juice and aji amarillo ( yellow chile pepper), layered with chicken or tuna salad and slices of avocado, and garnished with parsley and black olives.
Lomo Saltado - Peruvian Stir-fried Beef and...
This a classic Peruvian dish, a mix of Chinese stir-fry and Peruvian meat and potatoes. Serve it with rice for a delicious hearty dinner.
Garlicky Collard Greens - Couve a Mineira
Chopped collard greens sauteed in olive oil with garlic and onions make a perfect accompaniment to many meals, especially the classic Brazilian feijoada.
Homemade Dulce de Leche - Rich Caramel Sauce
Dulce de Leche (also known as manjar, manjar blanco, and arequipe ), is widely adored all over South
Churros - Cinnamon Sugar Fried Dough Sticks
Churros are a type of doughnut with a distinctive tube shape and a delicious crispy-on-the-outside, soft-on-the-inside, sugary, cinnamony taste. Churros are quick to make, and can be filled with dulce de leche, chocolate, or pastry cream for an extra treat.
Fainá - Garbanzo Flatbread
Fainá is an Italian-style flatbread made from chickpea (garbanzo) flour that is popular in Uruguay and Argentina.
Shrimp Ceviche with Mango & Avocado - Cebiche...
This shrimp ceviche with mango and avocado tastes cool, bright, and refresing. It's great as a appetizer or a light lunch.
How to Make Dulce de Leche (Thick Caramel...
A step-by-step guide to making this essential Latin dessert. Dulce de leche is made by slowly caramalizing a mixture of milk and sugar. It's an important ingredient in many South American cakes, cookies, and pastries, and it's amazingly good when it's homemade.
Brazilian Black-Eyed Pea and Shrimp Fritters -...
Traditional street food from Brazil, these deep-fried black-eyed pea fritters are split and stuffed with caramelized onions and shrimp.
Brazilian Fish Stew - Moqueca de Peixe
This Bahian-style fish stew recipe is easy to prepare and absolutely delicious. Pieces of fresh fish are slmmered in palm oil and coconut milk with red peppers, onions, and tomatoes.
Salvadorian-style Chicharrón - Chicharr&#2...
In El Salvador, chicharron is seasoned shredded pork, used to fill pupusas, or thick corn tortillas.
Traditional Alfajores - Caramel Sandwich Cookies
Alfajores are the quintessential street food in South America. They make a great afternoon snack with a cup of coffee or tea.
Papa Rellena - Stuffed Potatoes
Peruvian stuffed potatoes are mashed potatoes that are shaped around a center of seasoned ground beef and then fried golden brown.
An Introduction to South American Food
Each South American country has a unique cuisine that was shaped by its history, geography, and culture. The result is an exciting variety of flavors and traditions.
Fanesca is a very traditional bean soup with salt cod, served in Ecuador during Semana Santa - the week leading up to Easter.
Brazilian Cinnamon "Raindrop" Doughnuts -...
These delicious little Brazilian doughnuts are coated with cinnamon sugar.
Arroz con Coco
This savory coconut rice has the delicious caramel flavor of toasted coconut and sweet raisins.
Coconut Butternut Squash Soup - Sopa de...
This rich butternut squash soup gets a taste of the tropics thanks from coconut milk.
Buñuelos - Colombian Christmas Cheese...
These delicious fritters are made from a dough of fresh farmer's cheese (queso fresco) and cornstarch, shaped into balls, and deep fried. They are delicious, and are only slightly sweet.
Aji Amarillo - Peruvian Yellow Chile Pepper
Aji amarillo is a South American hot yellow chile pepper that is used in many traditional dishes.
Homemade Queso Fresco - Queso Fresco Casero
Delicious and creamy, queso fresco cheese is really easy to make at home.
Colombian Empanadas - Fried Empanadas with Beef...
These appetizer-size empanadas have a cornmeal crust and tasty filling made of beef and potatoes.
Ecuadorian Shrimp Ceviche with Tomato Sauce and...
This Ecuadorian-style ceviche has a delicious Latin-style cocktail sauce with lots of fresh lime juice and large kernel Andean corn.
Pandebono - Colombian Cheese Bread
Pandebono is delicious cheese bread from Colombia made from cornmeal (masarepa) and tapioca flour, as well as farmer's cheese and eggs.
Torta Pascualina - Spinach and Ricotta Tart
This delicious tart has a puff pastry crust on top and bottom, and a spinach and ricotta cheese filling. It's served in Argentina and Uruguay.
Patacones - Twice Fried Green Plantain with Aji...
Twice fried green plantain makes an outstanding appetizer, especially paired with aji amarillo sauce.
Arroz con Pollo Verde - Green Chicken with Rice
A basic comfort food recipe that has many variations throughout South America. This version has lots of cilantro, which is what gives it the striking green color. You can season this dish with saffron and paprika instead of cilantro, which makes a tasty variation known as yellow chicken with rice.
Quick Guava and Cheese Pastries - Pastelitos de...
These pretty guava pastries are easy as pie to prepare.
Creamy Venezuelan-style Lasagna - Pasticho...
Pasicho is a Venezuelan lasagna-like dish with lots of creamy bechamel sauce in addition to the tomato sauce and beef.
Easy Chorizo Paella - Quick Chorizo and Rice
A quick and easy paella recipe for weeknights.
Argentinian Easter Cake - Rosca de Pascua
Rosca de pascua is a sweet bread filled with pastry cream that is often enjoyed at Easter in Argentina.
Salsa Criolla - Peruvian Onion, Pepper &...
This onion relish is a traditional accompaniment to many Peruvian dishes, and is also great on sandwiches.
Picarones - Pumpkin and Sweet Potato Doughnuts
These light and crispy doughnut-like fried treats are sold as a snack or served for dessert in Peru and Chile. Picarones are amazingly good when freshly deep fried and drenched in a fruity, spiced syrup that compliments the squash and sweet potato flavors perfectly.
Five Fun and Easy South American Desserts
A list of some of the most well-loved South American desserts. These are fun, easy recipes that will liven up any meal.
Quinoa Mushroom Risotto - Quinotto
Quinotto is the clever hybrid name (quinoa + risotto) of this rich and creamy dish. Quinoa is a high
High Protein Granola Bars - Quinoa Energy Bars
These crunchy/chewy energy bars will keep you going all day long, thanks to the protein boost of quinoa.
Everything about Empanadas
All about making empanadas, including traditional empanada recipes from different South American countries.
Coconut Tres Leches Cake With Meringue Frosting
Coconut tres leches cake is a delicious moist cake, soaked with a mixture of condensed milk, cream, and coconut milk.
Passion Fruit
Passion fruit is a native South American fruit used in many dessert and beverage recipes. Learn more about passion fruit and how to use passion fruit in recipes.
Venezuelan Perico - Scrambled Eggs with Onions...
Perico is a savory Venezuelan breakfast dish of scrambled eggs seasoned with onions and tomatoes.
Quick Peruvian-style Chicken Stir Fry - Pollo...
This Peruvian-style chicken stir fry has onions, bell peppers, and fried potatoes - a Latin-Asian fusion dish that's sure to please.
Pasta Frola de Dulce de Membrillo - Quince Tart
A pretty cookie tart filled with dulce de membrillo (quince paste).
Peruvian Roasted Chicken with Yellow Potatoes -...
This roasted chicken recipe with yellow potatoes has the flavor of Peruvian rotisserie chicken, pollo a la brasa, and is very easy to make.
Quick and Easy Tres Leches Cake - Pastel de...
When you have a craving for tres leches cake but don’t have time to make it from scratch, try this version that starts with a cake mix.
Farofa - Skillet Toasted Manioc Flour with Onions
Farofa is an essential condiment to many Brazilian dishes. It's made with manioc meal, or the ground root of the cassava or manioc plant.
Bien Me Sabe - Venezuelan Coconut Cream Cake
Bien me sabe is a rich coconut cake with layers of cream and meringue.
Venezuelan Steak with Black Beans and Rice -...
Recipe for Pabellon criollo. A traditional beans and rice dish from Venezuela, with seasoned black beans, white rice, and tender, savory flank steak.
Peruvian Huacatay Salsa - Aji de Huacatay
This spicy green sauce gets its unique flavor from huacatay, an Andean herb.
Popped Quinoa and Amaranth (Kiwicha) - How to...
Quinoa and amaranth are high protein grains that can popped like popcorn for a nutritious snack.
Manchego Cheese and Quince Paste Hors d'Oeuvres
This famous little combination of aged cheese and sweet quince paste makes a quick and elegant appetizer for any occasion.
Kibe - Brazilian Fried Meat Balls
Kibes are a popular Brazilian fried beef and bulgur wheat snack with Middle Eastern origins.
How to Make Cancha - Toasted Chulpe Corn
Cancha is the homemade Andean version of corn nuts. It's made from a special variety of corn called maiz chulpe, which pops without puffing up.
Queso Fresco and Queso Blanco - Definition of...
: The terms queso fresco ("fresh cheese") and queso blanco ("white cheese") are often used interchangeably,
Almond Alfajor Cookies - Caramel Sandwich Cookies
These almond flavored alfajores make adorable Easter cookies.
Queso Fundido - Melted Cheese and Chorizo Dip
Chorizo sausage and melted cheese with onions makes a delicious warm appetizer.
Pebre - Chilean Chile Pepper Salsa
A spicy chile pepper condiment to accompany Chilean food.
Grilled Beef Anticuchos - Anticuchos de Carne
Anticuchos are a South American specialty of marinated grilled meat on skewers. Garlic, vinegar and aji panca chile peppers give these beef anticuchos great flavor.
Guasacaca - Guacamole from Venezuela
Guasacaca is a popular relish in Venezuela, served with grilled meats and fried foods.
Chilean Beef and Corn Casserole - Pastel de...
Pastel de choclo is a traditional dish from Chile. It's a beef casserole similar to shepherd's pie, but the meat and onions are topped with a delicious layer of creamed corn instead of mashed potatoes.
Milanesa Napolitana - Argentinian Fried Steak,...
Milanesa napolitana is an Argentinian favorite - breaded fried steak topped with ham, tomato sauce, and cheese.
Chilcano de Pisco - Peruvian Brandy Cocktail
A chilcano de pisco is a refreshing mixed drink made with ginger ale, pisco (a type of brandy from Peru and Chile), and lime juice.
Peruvian Stewed Chicken in Cilantro Sauce -...
Seco de pollo is a delicious stewed chicken dish with a beautiful green cilantro sauce.
Frozen Pisco Sour - Peruvian Brandy Cocktail
The famous Pisco Sour is a Peruvian adaptation of a whiskey sour. Pisco Sours are made from the grape distilled brandy called Pisco and tart South American key limes. It is a popular cocktail in both Peru and Chile. The frozen version is made in a blender with crushed ice.
Tequenos - Venezuelan Cheese Sticks
Tequenos are a popular Venezuelan snack of fried cheese wrapped in a crispy dough.
Bolo de Fuba - Brazilian Cornmeal Cake
Enjoy this sweet cornmeal cake with a cup of coffee as a perfect mid-afternoon snack.
Skillet Carne Asada - Seasoned Flank Steak with...
An inndoor version of tasty carne asada, this seasoned flank steak is quickly seared in a skillet.
Calzones Rotos - Chilean "Underwear" Cookies
The Latin American word for underwear - calzones - used to be a great source of amusement (and confusion)
Patagonian Black Welsh Cake - Torta Negra Galesa
Black welsh cake, or torta negra galesa, is a traditional recipe of the Welsh settlers in the Chubut river region of Patagonia. It's a delicious fruitcake that keeps very well - even nonfruitcake eaters enjoy this cake.
Caramel Custard Flan
Flan, a rich custard dessert topped with a layer of soft caramel, is very popular in most South American countries.
La Tizana - Tropical Venezuelan Fruit Drink
This refreshing Venezuelan fruit drink is like a tropical version of sangria.
Venezuelan-style Flan - Quesillo
Venezuelans love flan, also called quesillo - a pudding-like creamy dessert with lots of caramel.
Mazamorra Morada - Peruvian Purple Corn Pudding
A delicious pudding-like dessert made with purple corn and fruit.
Tira de Asado - Argentinian-style Grilled Beef...
These beef ribs cook quickly on the grill and are seasoned only with salt, Argentinian-style.
Frozen Coconut Smoothie - Cocada Venezolana
This particular drink from Venezuela is mostly just fresh coconut, however, blended with some milk and ice, and sprinkled with a bit of cinnamon.
Argentinian Grilled Provolone Cheese
Provoleta is grilled provolone cheese, and Argentinian specialty.
Peruvian Steak, Rice & Beans
Leftover rice and beans are combined into a pancake, fried, then covered with a thin blanket of steak. The whole thing is topped off with a fried egg. Served with a side of fried plantains, tacu tacu is one of the most delicious example of a hearty Peruvian midday meal.
Shrimp Paella - Arroz con Camarones
A quick and tasty dish of shrimp with rice.
Pastel Frito de Frango - Recipe for Brazilian...
A tasty Brazilian pastry filled with creamy, savory chicken.
Grilled Tenderloin Steaks (Lomo Asado),...
Seasoned simply with coarse salt, these grilled steaks are tender and full of flavor.
Locro de Papa Ecuatoriano
A hearty, cheesy, traditional potato soup from Ecuador.
Ecuadorian Potato Cake Recipe - LLapingachos
These potato cakes from Ecuador (llapingachos) are stuffed with white farmer's cheese and served with a simple but delicious peanut sauce.
Bahian Shrimp in Coconut Cashew Sauce -...
This tropical and exotic dish is easy to prepare using frozen shrimp and canned coconut milk.
Lomo al Trapo - Grill-Roasted Beef Tenderloin
Tender, delicious tenderloin steak roasted in a salt crust.
South American Empanada Recipes
All about making empanadas, including traditional empanada recipes from different South American countries.
Arepas de Choclo - Sweet Corn Cakes with Cheese
Arepas are corn griddle cakes made with a special ground corn. These arepas feature sweet corn and queso fresco.
Grilled Chicken Skewers - Anticuchos de Pollo
Marinated chicken and vegetables seasoned with cumin and hot peppers and grilled on skewers. The chicken comes out tender and flavorful every time. This makes a great appetizer when served in smaller portions.
Lucuma Ice Cream - Helado de Lúcuma
Lucuma is an unusual fruit from the Andean region of South America with a distinctive, aromatic sweet flavor. It's popular in many desserts, but lucuma ice cream is one of South America's best kept secrets. If you come across some frozen lucuma pulp at your local Latin market, try this ice cream. You will not be disappointed.
The Cuisine of Suriname
The cuisine of Suriname is as diverse as the country's population.
Brazilian-style Pizza
South Americans have enthusiastically adopted pizza into their national cuisines, adding their own flavors and style. Brazilians are particularly creative with this Italian treat.
Aji Panca - Peruvian Red Pepper
A type of aji, or chile pepper, used in certain Peruvian dishes.
Humitas - South American Corn Tamales
Humitas are made by steaming seasoned fresh ground corn inside corn husks. They are lovely to look at and delicious to eat.
Salsa de Aji Picante - Colombian Hot Pepper Salsa
This excellent Colombian aji sauce goes well with grilled meats and arepas.
Chilean-style Sopaipillas - Pumpkin Fritters
These Chilean-syle sopaipillas are delicious fried rounds of pumpkin dough soaked in a spiced syrup.
Empadinhas de Palmito - Brazilian Empanadas...
Empadinhas de palmito are Brazilian-style empanadas. This version has a delicious filling of creamed hearts of palm, onions, and black olives.
Peruvian Shrimp and Potato Chowder - Chupe de...
A thick and hearty shrimp chowder with yellow potatoes and corn.
Argentinian Beef Stew - Carbonada Criolla
Carbonada criolla is a savory rich stew made with beef, tomatoes, potatoes, and corn, sweetened slightly with dried apricots. It's perfect for a winter supper.
Charquican - Chilean Beef Stew
Charquican is a delicious beef stew that is traditionally made with dried beef (charqui), squash, and potatoes.
Strawberry Tres Leches Cake - Pastel de Tres...
A summery version of tres leches cake with whipped cream and strawberries.
Suspiro de Limeña - Peruvian Caramel...
A classic Peruvian dessert made with manjar blanco (dulce de leche) and a port meringue.
Brazilian Coconut Flan - Quindin
This recipe for quindim, a Brazilian coconut flan or custard, can be made in one large pan, or as individual mini-flans.
Pollo Arvejado
A popular everyday recipe in Chile, this flavorful chicken stew is a great weeknight supper meal.
Basic South American-style White Rice - Arroz...
Here's a simple yet delicious recipe for making rice. First some garlic is sautéd in oil, and then the water and rice are added. This simple extra step makes an enormous difference in flavor.
Tortas Fritas - Argentinian and Uruguayan Fry...
Argentinians and Uruguayans alike enjoy these fried circles of dough in the afternoon with yerba mate tea.
Cachitos - Venezuelan Ham Croissants
Cachitos are a Venezuelan breakfast treat - a delicious crescent roll filled with ham.

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